Welcome to the PADI GoPRO / IDC in LANZAROTE

Welcome to the PADI GoPRO / IDC 

in Lanzarote

Are you? Live the dream GoPro
– Over 18 years old? Flexible?  Highly Motivated?
– In Love with SCUBA DIVING?
– Thinking about escaping from ‘Metropolis routine’ and change your lifestyle?
– Aiming to become a PADI Professional in a tropical “winter free” destination?
If you can answer YES to all of above questions, we could help you to achieve your dreams and goals.
Congratulations you are about to embark on a new exciting chapter in your life. Your PADI Scuba Diving Instructor Training Course will open new opportunities to travel the world and work in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Just a little introduction…

One island, one endless adventure!

Follow your dreams… become a Dive Instructor today!

PADI is the worldwide leader in scuba diver training.
Thanks for choosing PADI GoPRO programs/Instructor Training Course for your professional dive career and Lanzarote Non Stop Divers as your Dive Instructor Development Centre.
Especially the PADI GoPRO Program and/orIDC is giving you the chance to turn your passion in a successful career.
With us you will have the opportunity to grow professionally in a vibrant and multicultural environment, fully immersed in a wild nature surrounded by a blue ocean.
To make sure you’re not missing any important information,you find here below moreinfo about the course and Lanzarote Island and if you have any doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@lanzarotenonstopdivers.com.

Some dive destinations are so popular and thus often crowded; some are less well known but with authentic wild coasts and an unbelievable richness in marine life.
Lanzarote is considered a dive destination in Canary Islands, representing one of these precious corners of paradise on the Earth, and Lanzarote Non Stop Divers is a PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Center in Playa Blanca - Lanzarote

When is the best season to come to Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, where you will find an incredible mix of Mediterranean, Atlantique and Caribbean sea critters. Also known as the “Black pearl of the Atlantique Ocean”, the Island is an explosion of good vibes: from the oceanic waters to the top of volcanic mountains,Lanzarote is the perfect location for those who practice ourdoor activities, art lovers and nature enthusiasts.The destination is relatively close to EU with reasonable offers and costs to fly over here.
Canary Islands are often referred to as the “Islands of the Eternal Springs” and Lanzarotelocated between the windier north and the sunnier south, can be said to have the most moderate climate of the archipelago. Thewarm weatheris all-year round with sunny summers normally between 25-30 °C; winters are also warm and the temperature is still often between 17 and 22°C.
The very emblematic marine species is the Angel Shark, but Stingray, Moray and Grouper are common, too. Shoals of bream, parrot fish and barracuda can be seen while admiring invertebrates as octopus well-camouflaged with the diversity of the sea bottom or beautiful nudibranch are strolling around volcanic rocks. Canary Islands are the most important destination for cetacean watching.
Lately Lanzarote has increased its popularity thanks to the Atlantic Museum, the first underwater Museum in Europe, designed with a conservationist approach to generate an artificial reef where art meets nature.